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How to Lift Upper Eyelids in Under a Minute

Β  Sagging and bags around the upper eye-lid can be difficult to diminish and almost always impossible to erase unless you want to take your chances with a risky surgery procedure. Many creams and serums can take an eternity to kick in, are almost always costly and can never guarantee results, which is why upper eye strips that were recently released onto the skin care market in the last year have taken eye care industry by storm. Delivering results in seconds they are a quick, easy and a straightforward way to erase baggy looking…

How to Get Youthful Eyes in Literally Seconds – 3 Best Techniques

Β  Well as the title states, getting youthful skin in literally seconds is now for the first time possible although it does involve a little cheating! So lets firstly deal with the cheating part or put slightly differently – the crafty skin rejuvenating technique. 1) Eye Strips Eye strips are excellent transparent and comfortable adhesive strips that are easy to apply, fit all skin tones and upper eyelid shapes and immediately reduce sagging and fine lines for up to 12 hours where you can then apply makeup over the top without any…

6 Easy Anti-Aging and Make-Up Tricks That Work Wonders for Special Occasions

Β  What with Christmas having just passed and with future special occasions coming up, you’ll want to look your absolute best this 2013. For some simple and easy tricks to roll back the years the following tips should work wonders for putting on a fab look with the eyes especially being the window to the soul. 1) Celebrity Eye Strips Be sure to spend time on your eyes.

Best 5 Eye Make-Up Tips for Looking Much Younger for 2013

Here are some of the greatest eye make-up tips for women who consider that youth is slowly deserting them and they’d like to turn back the clock and achieve the tightness of skin around the eye they once had, which by the way – is more than achievable. Read more…

Get Instant Eyelid Lift for That Special Occasion

It may be your wedding day, birthday, a special date or an important business function that you want to look your best and if it’s an instant eye lift you need then some of the latest eye strips, gels and serums will do just the trick. Eye Strips Eye strips work by lifting the upper eye whereby you can then apply eye shadow and makeup over the strip to blend it subtly or dramatically, however you you’d like to look. They attach themselves to the eye by using a petroleum adhesive gel…

Five Ways to Remedy Dry Winter Skin

Winter weather brings to mind blissful thoughts of hot cocoa, pumpkin-flavored everything, lazy snowflakes and the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Unfortunately, it also brings up more unfortunate thoughts as well, like chapped hands and lips, rough patches and itchy skin.

Beauty Basics With Essential Oils

Looking good starts with great skin and aromatherapy can help you achieve this. The remarkable penetrative properties of essential oils make them excellent moisturizers. There is right oil for any condition, for instance, rosemary stimulates the circulation and thyme helps the cells to regenerate.

About Skin Anatomy and Function

The skin is the outer border of the human body which separates the inner content of the body from outer impacts, and hinder body content from leaking out to the surroundings. But the skin is also an important sensory organ, plays a role in temperature regulation and provides the interface for intimacy between two persons. Learn more about it here.

Let a Dermatologist Help You Care for Your Skin

Don’t waste time and money trying to resolve your skin problems yourself. See a dermatologist and let them put an end to your complexion issues.

What Is Psoriasis? Understanding The Condition

Psoriasis is a skin condition, causing red patches of skin and skin flaking. It can have different degrees of severity, affecting only a certain part of the body or all of it.

Sun Safety Essentials

The skin, our outside shell acts as a protective barrier, the first responder, if you like. Not to mention that skin is the largest single organ in our body! As such, it really does need and deserve special attention.

Gotu Kola Herb and Its Use in Skin Infections

I read a newspaper article recently by a well known astrologer. He mentioned that a long time ago, he visited a specialist doctor in the capital city with a friend of his who, had had a skin infection for which he had taken treatment for many years without any relief. But this specialist whom he remembered as one Dr Wilson examined the patient and had told him, that there is a treatment for his skin infection, but wondered if he will accept his recommendation.

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