Biggest Misconceptions About Stretch Marks

Since there are plenty of different ways how to get rid of stretch marks, people are presented with a wide range of options to choose from. There are home remedies, stretch marks cream and surgical procedures available out there to treat stretch marks. There are a lot claims made by different skin care companies and while some works, there are a lot that does not. There are also a lot of beliefs about stretch marks which are not true at all. Below are some of the biggest misconceptions about stretch marks.

Why Do You Need To Read Trilastin SR Reviews?

If you are wondering how Trilastin became a sudden hit among the many products sold for the removal of stretch marks, you will have to know what it really is and how it works. By reading some reliable Trilastin SR reviews, you will see just how effective this product is and how it differs from the many other stretch mark removal creams and lotions sold in the market.

Trilastin Vs Revitol: Know The Difference To Know Which One Is The Best For You

If you are not pregnant, then you must be wondering how on earth you have those stretch marks on your tummy. It is not surprising that you think that only pregnant women are supposed to develop those ugly scars on their abdomens. But the truth is that everyone is prone to having stretch marks. While the main cause of stretch marks is pregnancy, it is not the only cause of these marks. Even men can have them, too. Weight gain, weight loss, body building and aging are among the other factors that contribute to the development of stretch marks. In your search for the best stretch mark removal product, you may need to compare Trilastin vs Revitol.

Eliminate Age Spots – The Only Safe Way

If you are like many people, you want to eliminate age spots. There are many ways to make this happen. In this article you will get the basics. You will learn how to eliminate age spots.

Learn About The Natural Ways To Tighten Facial Skin

Are there natural ways to tighten facial skin? Are injections and surgery the only solutions? Read on to learn what has worked in scientific studies.

Reduce The Risks Of Winter Induced Dry Skin

Dry skin can affect anyone at any stage of life. However, it is much more likely to develop during the winter months. Winter can bring its own challenges for your skin. Here we look at the main factors that causes dry skin during the cold season and how you can employ a successful treatment strategy.

Turmeric Benefits for Your Skin

Turmeric is a type of herb which is native to South Asia. It is very popular and can be found in kitchens all over Asian countries like India or Indonesia. In these countries, turmeric has been used since ancient times. It is often used as a seasoning for food like curry and home remedy for certain diseases. Yes, people in Asia use turmeric a lot since it offers many health benefits for the body. It speeds up wound healing, detoxifies the liver, prevents cancer spread, and more. Scientists are also interested in examining the substances in turmeric to prove the power that it offers.

Learn How To Get Soft Facial Skin

If you want to get soft facial skin, you need to use a good moisturizer. Many women overlook or underestimate the importance of a facial moisturizer, probably because the average products are not truly moisturizing.

Is There Such A Thing As A Face Pack For Glowing Skin?

Is there a new face pack for glowing skin? Have the age-old remedies been improved upon in some way? Here’s a look at what women have used historically to get that glow and what they are using today.

No Need to Be Anxious About Ringworms – Treatment Is Available

Ringworms are fungal infection of the skin and have nothing to do with worms as implied by the name. The scientific name is Tinea corporis. This type of infection is considered the most common and affects the skin. The name Ringworm is derived from the shape formed on the infected area. The skin rash is a round shape. The notion that ringworm is caused by a worm is derived from an old belief that the infection came from worms. Despite this being a belief and not a scientific fact the name ringworm continues to date. The infection not only affects human beings but also animals. The name is not about to change. Although the skin infection is a nuisance given that treating can be difficult the good news is that treatment is only a click away on the Internet.

Skin Care and the Sun: Myths and Facts

No matter what skin care advice you’ve gotten in your life, we’re sure that the one thing that you’ve certainly heard consistently was to stay out of the sun. After all, there isn’t a skin care product in the world that can completely undo the damage that the sun does to the skin. However, while that basic fact is true, there are some myths about the sun and your skin that we’d like to set straight. Here are five of the most common.

Camphor Oil – Homemade Skin Care

Camphor oil is beneficial in many ways. This ingredient may sound familiar since it’s found in commercial ointments and skin care products, like Ben Gay and Vicks Vapor Rub. These products alleviate sore muscles and joints.

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