Using Gua Sha for Lifted Cheeks & Facial Muscles!

Protecting Aging Skin

As we age our skin experience many different changes. Several factors such as heredity, diet, lifestyle and other habits like drinking and smoking will determine how your skin age.

Disposable Gloves For Industry

There are many types of non-sterile gloves on the market for the various industries. In this article I will touch on just a few of these types and their purposes.

The Tiny Secret You Didn’t Know About Bearberry And How It Can Lighten Your Skin

Bearberry extract (botanical name – arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a natural, stable and highly effective plant based extract that contains skin-brightening properties. It is a popular ingredient in many skin care preparations used to fade freckles or skin discoloration which may be caused by sun damage or hormonal conditions.

Scabies In Schools

School is one of the places where children are likely to catch scabies, as it is where they spend most part of their day and come into contact with kids who may unknowingly be infected. Catching Scabies at school might result from close interactions with the infected kid, hanging coats on the same rack, prolonged physical contact like playing, wrestling etc. People may have it for several weeks before knowing they were infected and this is what makes it easy to spread.

Why Not Get a Dose of Mercury in Your Skin Care Products?

Believe it or not, there is Mercury in some skin care products. A spokesman for the FDA has just revealed this. Find out why you need to be extremely careful when buying skin care products or other personal products.

Skin Whitening At Home – Do It Safely and Cheaply With Natural Skin Whitening Recipes

Skin bleaching is one of the most popular skin care procedures used to achieve lighter, more even complexion. It helps correct skin discolorations caused by scars, pimples and acne. It also helps lighten dark areas such as freckles and age spots. Skin whitening at home can be achieved using the right formulations and recipes. However, is a do-it-yourself (DIY) skin lightening procedure safe and effective?

Facial Redness – Possible Causes and Treatments for Rosacea

Facial redness or rosacea is a skin disorder that usually affects those who have fair skin. It is more common in middle-aged women than men of the same age. It is quite rare to occur in babies and teenagers. Here are some of the possible factors and treatments of this disorder.

Using Water To Help Skin And Keep It Healthy

There are so many skin care products on the market today that is extremely difficult to find one that’ll work for you in the long run. Not only do you have to make sure that it will fit your skin type and fit your needs, but you have to see results. If you don’t see the results you’re looking for, then your trial and error search continues.

Homemade Facial Masks to Treat Acne

With homemade facial masks, you can create affordable, all natural, and safe-to-use facial treatments anytime you want in the very comfort of your home. If you are someone who has grown accustomed to professional facial treatments, making homemade facial masks may take some getting-used-to, but it promises efficient and effective results.

Chocolate Face Mask: Pamper Yourself and Feel Good

Chocolate face pack is the best way to hydrate your skin. There is also anti aging cream like retinol cream that can make you look younger. The main ingredient used in all the anti-aging products is peptide serum. It protects your skin and repairs the damaged part. There is also eye serum to make your eyes beautiful.

Homemade Facial Recipes

The most complex skin is on your face. Thus we need to take good care if it. Making your own homemade facial recipes takes a little effort and time but definitely worth it. Why purchase a facial mask over the counter if you can make use of natural ingredients present in your home to create your own personal face mask? You do not only save lots of money compared to those expensive facial masks but you also make sure that your skin is safe from any harsh chemical based products.

Tired of Unsightly Spider and Varicose Veins? Sclerotherapy Can Help You Get Rid of These Forever

If you’re ready to get rid of your spider and varicose veins forever, consider sclerotherapy. This permanent vein removal treatment involves the injection of a saline solution directly into the targeted vein. The solution causes the vein to collapse so that it may be absorbed by the body.

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