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Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant – What’s The Difference?

Deodorants are not exactly the same as antiperspirants, actually they function differently on the skin and have different levels of effectiveness in preventing the foul smell of the body. This article describes the main aspects that make the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants.

What Are Chicken Skin Bumps?

Chicken Skin bumps are a skin problem named keratosis pilaris (also know as “KP”). These are very small, coarse bumps with a measly texture and are most often strewn along the upper arms and thighs. And yes, they are treatable! Here is one method you can try.

Discover Some Awesome Home Remedies to Help Get Rid of Pimples Fast

When you are thinking about ways to get rid of pimples fast you will want to look towards natural home remedies, rather than purchasing products that may contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Using recipes with ingredients from your kitchen are better for you and your skin.

Melasma Treatment Methods

Some available treatment methods especially for melasma. Melasma consequently can seriously affect one’s outside appearance, which leaves the affected people in a very shy and depressing state. If it happens that the melasma does not go away, there are heaps of melasma treatments available out there to try.

What Do We Really Know About Cosmetics?

Cosmetics, are they poisonous or are they harmless? Did you ever ask yourself this question? As the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Cosmetics have the power to do it all, to change for better or for worse. Are cosmetics a natural, healthful and safe beauty product as we’re being told and made to believe, that they are? Many people are looking for methods to improve their physical appearances with whatever goes, from cosmetic surgery to Botox injections. Or is it still better being aware of all the culprits and unhealthy possibilities lurking in the bottles of beauty as described so convincingly by the manufacturers? According to research our body is absorbing over two hundred synthetic chemicals every day without us knowing it.

Micro-Needling – A Radical Skin Treatment That Works

Micro-Needling is a radical medical cosmetic treatment that is a kind of Collagen Induction Therapy. This procedure can be carried out in a clinic in addition to home care treatments. This new skin care treatment is gaining in popularity mainly because of the fact that shows results so quickly. While it is safe overall, it is necessary to understand what it involved and who can be a suitable candidate for it and to consult with a professional before undergoing this procedure.

Easy Steps to Keep Your Skin Healthy All Week

There are many factors that can lead to us having good or bad skin. If you have bad skin, have no fear! I’m about to show you how you can have great skin quickly and easily. This article shows you several tips and strategies on how to achieve healthy skin.

Discover Some of the Most Common Skin Rashes Adults Have

There are a few skin rashes that adults have that are fairly common. These skin conditions may not be easy to detect if you have never had it or seen the skin rash before. Your skin may be red, itchy, have strange spots or simply breaking out with a rash. Many of the rashes are a minor skin problem but can be irritating and it may be signalling something that is more serious.

Stretch Marks – Where to Find the Cure

You must have been thinking of how to find a cure for the stretch marks on your body. This article will guide you to find the cure. Striae (stretch marks) appear when the body grows faster than the skin can accommodate.

6 Natural Remedies to Remove Unsightly Scars

Have you been using up plenty of concealer just to cover up your unsightly scars? Do you sometimes feel ugly and insecure because of those unappealing marks on your skin? Don’t you worry! You don’t have to go for expensive treatments just to remove them. You can opt for safe and effective natural methods.

Top Secrets to Making the Correct Homemade Lotion for Your Skin Type

Lady’s Mantle, Knitbone, and Marshmallow? These aren’t the names of the newest singing groups or interactive gaming characters. They’re some of the best natural plants for balancing and correcting your skin, all of which can be used to make lovely natural, homemade lotions and creams for your skin when you know how.

Winter Skin Care Tips to Begin Using Today

‘Tis the season for dry skin. Winter is the season where it’s cold, cloudy and sunshine is a rare element in our day-to-day lives. This also leads to dryness of the skin’s hands, feet and face, which can also lead to cracking, flaking and eczema for some.

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