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4 Qualities to Look for In An Eye Cream

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So it makes sense to take good care of them and the delicate skin surrounding the eye area. There are a plethora of eye creams available in the beauty industry, but there are very few that deliver results. With so many choices, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t know what to look for when it comes to finding the right eye cream for the eyes? Continue reading further to find out what to look for in an anti wrinkle eye cream.

DIY Face Masks – Are They Worth Your Time?

More and more people are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle today. Most are opting for foods that are organic and natural, as well as their skincare. But is natural and organic skincare really what your skin needs? Do DIY face masks really provide the benefits people claim?

Successfully Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating With Botox Injections

Women’s armpits really do go through a lot in their life time. Showing off armpit hair when in the company of others, for most women is a definite faux pas, and they spend hours making sure the underarms are hair-free zones. But if having hairy armpits isn’t embarrassing enough, there’s also the problem of excess sweating.

7 Shaving Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Skin

Shaving can be a transformative experience when done correctly. That baby’s soft, smooth skin that feels after a nice shave can bring you into a state of happiness.

Using Skincare Treatments for Better Complexion Is Best If Organic or Natural Products Are Used

They are several brands being 100% made from natural ingredients are not good enough. We have to find COSMOS certification which make it more reliable on each product.

Does Laser Rejuvenation Actually Work?

Laser rejuvenation is a procedure that may sound too good to be true at first. Since this procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve downtime or incisions, most people deny its effectiveness. What is the reality? The fact is that the procedure has been in use for quite a while in order to treat different types of skin problems and the results have been positive so far. So, if you want to refresh your appearance, we suggest that you try out this procedure.

Know The Truth Behind Laser Hair Removal Myths

Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to get rid of hair from your body and facial area permanently. The treatment is safe and has less pain involved. However, there are a few myths about this treatment. Let’s debunk myths about laser hair removal treatment.

A Renewed, Clearer, Smoother Complexion With Chemical Peel And Dermabrasion Skin Treatments

Sometimes, no matter what products we use on our face, they don’t seem to work as effectively as they should. Dry skin and blocked pores can prevent the skin creams or make up absorbing into the skin. There are treatments to clear your skin of a build up of dirt, dead skin and blocked pores, giving you a renewed, healthier and clearer complexion.

4 Benefits That Castor Oil Will Give to Your Hair

Castor oil basically originates from the beans and the seed of the castor plant. This natural vegetable oil has a history which goes back to the ancient Egypt, where it was used for its laxative and purgative action. As it has no taste or smell, it serves as a perfect base for medicines and cosmetics.

Tea Tree Oil: An Effective Remedy for Acne & Skin Problems

This article basically talks about the goodness of tea tree oil in the treatment of acne and other skin problems. It also gives a brief idea about how popular acne products contain harmful chemicals that may damage your skin.

Golden Tips on Skin Care for 50+ Women

“This is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin,” says Jessica Wu, a famous dermatologist. In your 50’s your beauty can be everlasting-” a skin of beauty is a joy forever” as John Keats would have said it. Just follow this fantastic skin-care strategy. Just Look Young Forever!

Get A Shinnng Skin On Diwali With These 5 Tips

With the festival of Diwali only a few days away, it’s the right time to start preparations to look your best on the special day! You can look amazing by simply following a few skin care tips that can make your skin shiny and glowing.

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