Stop putting peroxide on your skin #dermatologist

Why Using Lanolin Cream Helps Your Skin Look Vibrant?

Lanolin cream is a popular product derived from sheep. It has been used for years to treat dry and cracked skin, but that is not its only benefit.

No More Moles Warts Or Skin Tags Method – Causes, Effects, And Treatment

The warts are contagious, so they are caused by a virus called Papilloma virus which is highly transmissible, and the way the virus acts is by causing the diseased skin cells to develop much faster than the normal skin cell would. The result of that abnormal developing rate of the diseased skin cells creates a growth called wart.

Skin Care

There are a lot of people that struggle to understand how to go about caring for the skin on their face well. This article describes how you can be sure that you are finding the best ways to care for your face.

Tips on How to Get Luminous Skin

Every woman desires to have a luminous complexion that screams perfection. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with perfectly radiant and dewy skin. Luckily, there are things that you can do to achieve luminous skin. Simple changes on your lifestyle and skin care regimen are all that’s needed for a glowing new you. Let me share to you some of them.

Does Hydroquinone Treat Hyperpigmentation?

How effective is hydroquinone as a hyperpigmentation treatment? Read this to learn the answer, as well as tips and cautions to be aware of when using hydroquinone.

4 Major Treatments for Boils

Boils, also known as skin abscesses, are painful reddish lumps on the skin that will eventually develop a head filled with pus. The pus is composed of bacteria and lymphocytes or white blood cells that are responsible for fighting the infection. A boil is a kind of skin infection usually in the hair follicles or when the oil gland is blocked.

Promote Inner Harmony Using Natural Skin Care Products

Autumn is the time of year that reflects the season’s harvest in our lives. Plants wither and drop their leaves, flowers and fruits and we become much drier, and require more rest and our bodies during this period conserve energy. Our skin which is our royal mantle also changes and reflects the vital energy flowing within, the body adapts to seasonal change where it conserves resources.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Skin Care Products

Most of us buy our skin care products in the store and don’t know any other way to cleanse our faces or moisturize our outer layers of skin to promote a healthy glow. For centuries, however, the only type of skin care that was available was the homemade kind.

How To Lighten Skin Safely And Naturally – Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Knowing precisely what not to do and what mistakes to avoid can oftentimes be very important. One of the better strategies to achieve that is learning what mistakes others have made so you can steer clear of making those very same mistakes. That also applies to how to lighten skin safely at home. A lot of people avoid the mistakes and succeed. You would like to be one of them.

How To Whiten Skin In The Comfort Of Your Home Without Making Mistakes!

Would you like to know how to whiten skin in the comfort of your own home safely without making mistakes? Skin whitening using natural recipes can be the best solution for skin issues like dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, skin discolorations, dark scars and uneven skin tone. However, as widely used as such natural remedies to whiten skin at home is, it is surprising that many people continue to make mistakes while preparing the recipes and during the application of the recipes on their skin. Simply by knowing the proper way to prepare, apply and store the whitening recipes, you are able to steer clear of disaster and also whiten your skin without spending lots of money.

How-To Tips on Finding the Best Products for Combination Skin

Combination skin is one of the most complex skin types. People with this kind of skin experience the challenges of both oily and dry to normal skin. If you’re among them, you probably find that different parts of your face produce oil at different rates. That means that choosing just one product for your entire face can be very difficult.

How to Avoid Premature Skin Aging and Protect From the Sun’s Harmful and Damaging Rays

While an even tan may give you a healthy-looking glow, it’s not necessarily a smart choice for your skin. Unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays can undo even the best skincare routine and increase your risk of cancer, early aging and many other problems. The good news is that you don’t have to stay indoors completely. Getting some rays can be very healthy, provided that you combine your exposure with appropriate protection and a good anti-aging care routine.

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