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Preventing Skin Tears and Cracks

Age and incontinence can lead to frail skin that is prone to damage easily, particularly tears and cracks. Those with incontinence often have trouble maintaining skin integrity and health.

Great Skin Care Finds at the Health Food Store

If the ingredients in your usual cleansers have you horrified at the thought of bathing in a chemical potion of sulfates and parabens, then consider switching to organic products. Head to your local health food store or vitamin shop and keep your eye out for these items that are sure to offer you wholesome, natural ingredients. Aztec Indian Healing Clay This ancient skin care method involves mixing powdered clay with water and raw organic apple cider vinegar to help neutralize the acidity.

How To Naturally Promote Collagen Growth In Your Skin

If you are like me you already know that collagen is a fibrous protein that grows as part of your skin that keeps your skin firm. It is what holds you together inside and out and it is also what keeps you looking young. You see as we age the collagen in our skin breaks down and when it does your skin starts to lose the firmness and strength. This of course causes your skin to sag and wrinkle, which is why we look older as get age. There are things in life that can speed this process up making us look older than we are and there are things that can slow this process down and even reverse it.

Causes and Treatment of Undesired Skin Growths

Skin growths like lumps or moles may not be dangerous but they certainly are not acceptable to many people going by their standards of cosmetic beauty. Before buying any product to get rid of these growths, it is better to be aware of the pros and cons of the product and evaluate if it is safe and effective.

What Is Combination Skin?

Are you feeling like numerous parts of your face are acting like polar opposites? One part of your face is continually oily, while the other part is drier than the Sahara? Then you may be struggling with what is commonly named combination skin.

How To Heal Cold Sore On Your Lips Fast

Herpes is a virus, it is very contagious and appears as a blister on the sensitive parts of human body.There are plenty of explanation why cold sores on lips ought to be treated immediately. Although some people show very mild or no symptoms at all.. In fact, with winter right around the corner, things may be getting worse for some folks, in the form of herpes It is one of the most common types of disease found in North America, Europe and Australia.

These 10 Commonly Used Skin Care Ingredients Will Make Your Eyes Water

Research into chemical ingredients is exposing the “cosmetic wolf.” In this article, we will highlight some ingredients found in skin care and toiletries. Discover the potential for chemical sensitivities to develop from constant contact with them. It is believed this is only the tip of the iceberg and continuous scrutiny is necessary to keep this issue in the mainstream debate. Further evaluation of chemical ingredients and more research, additional dangers of chemical skin care ingredients will be revealed.

Check Out These Home Remedies For Wart Removal

Warts are caused by a virus known as the Human Papilloma Virus; and they usually appear or grow in the eyelids, face, feet, and hands. Today, there are more than sixty different kinds of warts that are not only dangerous; but also highly contagious.

Look Good Naked

Just like the brave and courageous women on How to Look Good Naked who expose both body and soul on national TV, most of us can find something about our anatomy that we don’t like. Yet rather than reveal these insecurities, many of us tend to keep our embarrassing bodily worries to ourselves.

Organic Cocoa Butter in Natural, Organic Skincare Part II

Part I of this article discussed some of the extraordinary healing qualities of Organic Cocoa Butter for the skin. Outlined in Part II of this article are several more insights on additional healing properties of this natural botanical oil, as well as how these can be applied to healing skin with an organic skincare regimen.

Remember Essential Oils Are Nature’s Health Remedies – 5 Aromatherapy Oils to Consider

In the modern era advances in medicine and pharmaceutical drugs has delivered fantastic health benefits. However, this does cost society. Information collected by IMS data, reveals the global spending on prescription medicine, in 2011, were US $954billion and projections it will reach US $1.1trillion in 2014. Ancient herbal ingredients have been used as remedies for many conditions for 100s of years with great success. However, in recent times, the health benefits have been forgotten or ignored, and now the majority of people find it is easier to reach for a pill as their health remedy.

Are Chemical Based Skin Care Products Good for Our Skin or a Marketing Smoke and Mirrors Trick?

There are mountains of information about what we should put in our bodies, both good and the bad and what the quantities of each should be. Many of us have taken steps to address this in our own way by eating more fruit and vegetables; fewer takeaways; walking a little more; less fat and sugar; less alcohol. However, what we don’t hear much about is the effect of what we use on our bodies.

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