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Bio Oil the New Alternative to Skin Imperfections

Contrary to what many may believe Bio Oil is one of the most revolutionary cosmetic products to emerge within the cosmetics industry. This oil is best know to reduce the signs of stretch marks, uneven skin tone and assisting in keeping the skin hydrated which can prolong the signs of wrinkles.

Can H Pylori Cause Chronic ITP?

Diseases such as chronic ITP all have a cause. Unfortunately, the medical system is not set up to help patients find the underlying causes of such conditions. Bacterial infections such as Helicobacter pylori can trigger changes in the body that can lead to the development of a variety of skin disorders, including urticaria, rosacea and ITP. Research suggests that H pylori eradication may improve ITP symptoms in as many has 50% of affected individuals. Why then does the medical system continue to ignore these associations? This article explores the link between H pylori, chronic ITP and the wider area of autoimmune disease as well as providing some practical suggestions to begin reducing symptoms.

H Pylori – Can H Pylori Cause Behcet’s Disease?

H Pylori and other chronic digestive infections have been implicated in skin disease. It appears that H pylori is definitely a causative factor in skin conditions such as rosacea and urticaria but the associations between the bacteria and other skin conditions is not so clear. Studies have shown that certain strains of H pylori seem to be associated with Behcet’s disease and that H pylori eradication can lead to a significant improvement in symptoms associated with this condition. This article explores the association and suggests some “outside the box” practical strategies and solutions for Behcet’s sufferers.

H Pylori – H Pylori Infection May Be An Unrecognised Cause Of Raynaud’s Phenomenon

In a study of patients with primary Raynaud’s phenomenon, H pylori eradication was associated with complete remission of Raynaud’s phenomenon in 17% of treated patients and reduced symptoms in a further 72% of patients. Why, then, does Western Medicine not test and treat patients for H pylori if they have Raynaud’s Phenomenon? This article explores a likely role for H pylori in the development of Raynaud’s Phenomenon, offering hope to Raynaud’s patients around the world.

Home Skin Care Remedies For Some Skin Conditions

There are many types of skin conditions you can have over your life time. Some will be easy to take care of while others will linger on until you could scream. Eventually, they will heal up, but it could take several months or even a year or more.

Learn Why Sunless Tanning Is A Much Healthier Alternative

People have always been searching for the perfect tan and they do their best to capture it each year when the summer breaks through. However it isn’t always as simple as it sounds as certain complications can get in the way and they can actually be very harmful and dangerous.

What to Do With Irritated Skin

Irritated skin is caused by many factors. They may result from one’s carelessness but they are usually experienced due to natural causes. These skin irritations may differ from one another by they will all be annoying and even sometimes embarrassing…

Top 5 Sunburn Relief Tips

Basking in the sunlight for too long can give you pain and irritation in the future, so here are the top five sunburn relief tips that you should know. Having sunburn is a common occurrence for almost anyone who does not ready themselves before staying under the sun.

Sunburn Relief Tips That Are Proven to Be Effective

Since sunburn can be very uncomfortable when experienced, people are bound to look for different sunburn relief tips. Many studies can confirm that these tips will indeed help in aiding sunburn. Aside from their effectiveness, they are also easy to do and most of them will only require minimal effort.

Getting Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles – My Sisters Natural Tips

Wrinkles are a common skin problem that occurs with age. Therefore, nearly all middle-aged men and women very often ask? how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes? Before looking at the various alternatives to remove these wrinkles, identifying the various causative factors is extremely important.

How To Reduce Frown Lines – My Great Tips

Frown lines are noticeable furrows and wrinkles which many people develop on their foreheads. These types of wrinkles could cause you to look sad all of the time, so if you have them you are probably thinking how to get rid of frown lines. These lines are attributable to all of the same things that induce other wrinkles.

Remove Your Cellulite Now – 5 Fantastic Exercises

If you are one among the many women (and men) who have packed on a few extra pounds due to over-indulgence in festive goodies, don’t feel lonely. Unfortunately, those 5-10 lbs are pretty apparent, in the form of cellulite.

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