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Six Causes of Dry Skin (And the Remedies)

Beat dry skin. Causes and remedies for dry skin including moisturizing, diet, and benefits of pure Emu oil. Improve the condition of aging skin, and the effects of sun, burns, soaps, and medications. See softer skin with fewer wrinkles.

How Homemade Face Scrubs Can Save You Money And Avoid The Harmful Chemicals Of Shop-Bought Cosmetics

Homemade face scrubs can be made quickly and easily out of regular kitchen ingredients. They are very cheap to make and you are guaranteed skin care which has purely natural ingredients as nature intended us to use. When you start to learn more about the potentially harmful chemicals in shop-bought cosmetics and you see how much money you can save, you will really understand the advantages of making your own natural skin care recipes.

How to Lose Face Fat to Look Slimmer

Removing fat from areas like the face through dieting and exercising can take long and can be tiresome. But there are quick solutions to reduce fat from our body including the face. These alternatives diminish the plump effect from our face by sculpting our face muscles.

Facial Masks Recipes – Why You Should Stop Using Shop-Bought Cosmetics And Start Making Your Own

A homemade facial masks recipe is a healthy, natural, effective and very cheap way for you to look after your skin. The range of chemicals in most shop bought cosmetics and probably sitting on your bathroom shelf right now is frightening – some of the most common now being linked to cancers. Making your own skin care recipes is easy, safe and fun but if you need more motivation than that – read on and find out what you put on your skin this morning.

The Truth About Psoriasis And How You Can Prevent It Or Cure It

Psoriasis can be a very painful and distressing problem and it is important to understand what it really is. This article goes into detail and discusses how it can be prevented and cured.

Honey for Skin

Natural remedies are the best. Have you considered using a common household item such as honey as part of your skin care routine? If you have not, perhaps this will be a good opportunity to start, due to the endless lists of benefits.

Are You Moisturizing the Wrong Way?

Most of us only moisturize when we absolutely need to. Find out how to moisturize the right way!

The Truth Behind Many Eye Cream Reviews

In order to determine the dependable eye cream reviews today, you must look first into the ingredients of the skin care product. It must have the most reliable substances like Resveratrol, Argireline, Retinol and Eyeliss.

Treat Brown Spots Due to Acne With Natural Ingredients

If you are not sure about the safety of popular chemical treatments, then you can acquire the same achievement by using home-made skin whitening products using fruit and food. Use milk honey, carrots or papaya for clear skin in a matter of a few weeks. Do you want to know how to make these quality recipes and get rid of brown spots triggered by acne in no more than a few weeks?

The Blather on Lather

How does soap really work? And what exactly are those bubbles doing?

The Quickest Way I Know to Clear Healthy Skin

Let’s face it. We’d all like to snap our fingers and instantly create clear, healthy skin. But even as unrealistic as that may be, you can still produce some dramatic results in a fairly short time if you’re willing to stick to three super skincare tips that have worked wonders for me and many of my friends.

A Skin Care Recipe for Life – Ten Invaluable Tips To Save You Money And Keep Your Skin Glowing

Giving your skin the best treatment doesn’t have to cost lots of money. Applying ever more expensive and chemical-laden cosmetics to your skin is not going to give you the long-term benefits you hope for and may well do more harm than good. Follow these simple steps and you will not only have better looking skin, but you will also feel better.

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