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Are All Natural Products Safe?

All natural products are not necessarily safe. You need to be careful and pick the right natural skin care products.

Save Your Skin, Men!

Rising pollution level, hastily changing lifestyles, mental depression, makes way for utter skin problems – regardless of the gender. Yes, these skin-woes are as prominent in men as amongst the fairer sex. Also, as men are mush outdoor creatures their skin is more prone to all such skin-issues. To let one get rid of their skin ailments permanently – one can go for several skin-rejuvenating skin-treatments.

Get Accustomed To Pure, Natural Soaps For Healthier And Fresh Looking Skin

The concept of Natural Living is fast emerging as a global phenomenon. People are switching over to natural ingredients in all the products that they use, with natural cosmetics leading at the forefront.

Say Bye To Cracked Heels With The Right Treatment

Cracked heels is a common problem that we can find in many people. The main reason for this problem is dry skin. It has been found that people with dry skin, who do not pay much attention to it, end up having cracked heels.

13 Myths, Misunderstandings And Lies About Botox Treatment

We all have faced that awkward moment when a friend posts a picture of us – that makes us look ten years older than our age. Before you even realize it, you are standing in front of the mirror looking at yourself, pulling and stretching your skin trying to see if you really look that old.

Top 5 Benefits of Microdermabrasion

The process of microdermabrasion have improved in recent years. As a result, the benefits are being realized by an increased customer base.

Pamper Your Skin: Benefits to Having a Facial

There is nothing like having a facial and one of the best ways to have one is via professionals in a studio or salon. Of course there are different types of facials but they all have the same basic benefits. So what are these benefits?

5 Skincare Tips For Winter

You need to be careful and keep your skin protected against harmful winter weather. This article shares healthy winter skin care tips for people who love their skin and wants to keep it supple even in the harsh weather conditions.

3 Great Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young For Long

Do you want your skin to retain its young look for a long time? Here are tips on how to do it: Cleanse It – Cleansing aids in removing dirt, excess oils, germs, and any remaining makeup. For ideal results you should use the right cleansing products. You should also follow the right cleansing procedure. Many people think that their skins are cleansed when they feel dry and tight, but this isn’t the truth-you shouldn’t cleanse your skin until it feels dry. There are many types of cleansers that you can use. The most common ones are:

The Need for Skin Exfoliation

Our skin cells keep regenerating every 2 to 4 weeks. Accordingly, thousands of cells shed every minute. While most fall off on their own, some just keep accumulating on the skin surface leading to dry skin cell buildup.

The Truth About VISIA Complexion Analysis

You look in the mirror and you see yourself aging, in what seems daily now; and you ask yourself, “what can I do?” Upon closer inspection of your skin, aging spots are becoming noticeable. There is no need to fret, a relatively new imaging system known as VISIA is now available at many skincare medical facilities.

Dermatology: Perfect and Young-Looking Skin

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that studies the investigation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of skin diseases, a unique specialty that includes both surgical and medical aspects. A dermatologist is a medical specialization that specifically focuses on diverse diseases and disorders of the skin.

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