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Treating and Preventing Wrinkles

Treating and preventing wrinkles can slow down and in some cases even retard aging skin. With consistent care, you can retard the severity of wrinkles and improve your appearance.

How To Go About Removing Skin Moles

The article talks about the procedures that are usually followed in removing skin moles. It also states the various precautions that need to be taken while following the procedures.

How to Repair Damaged Skin With Essential Oils

We know that the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous are the three layers that our skin is composed of. The basic roles of these layers are to control body heat, evaporate moisture and defend against bacterial and fungal pollution.

Top 5 Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

If you’re looking for the best way to remove stretch marks, you must realize that there are only a few remedies that are proven to work. Below is a list of the most effective stretch mark remedies that can help.

History of Skincare Part 12: The Late Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance, 1400-1499

Pale skin continued to be the ideal into the Late Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance. Women would go to great lengths to keep their skin white by applying whiteners such as chalk, lead and even arsenic.

History of Skincare Part 11: The High Middle Ages, 1000-1399

Throughout the High Middle Ages, skin care became increasingly refined. Middle Eastern herbs and spices, such as alum, anise and walnut bark, were brought back to Europe by crusaders and used in cosmetics. Herbs, cosmetics and facial applications could be bought from a local apothecary and many women made their own treatments from roots, wines and distillations. Gem stones were also used in various blemish treatments.

Tags on Skin: The Ugly Truth

It isn’t easy living with skin tags. This is because we live in a world in which clear and smooth skin is deemed beautiful and comes highly sought after. It is therefore common for individuals with skin tags to suffer from low self esteem, which leaves them with emotional scars.

What Are Skin Tags Exactly?

Medically referred to as acrochordon, skin tags are benign growths on the skin that resemble a small piece of soft skin that’s hanging out. Skin tags are commonly acquired and harmless. In certain cases, individuals may be prone to skin tags resulting in 50-100 tags on their skin.

Removing Skin Tags Naturally

If you have been suffering from ghastly skin tags that have left you feeling embarrassed and frustrated, you will be pleased to learn that there are various ways to deal with your problem. Below is a look at some of the ways that you can rid yourself of skin tags.

Is My Mole Cancerous? How to Tell

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. It is therefore important to recognize the early warning signs of malignant melanoma. A good way to do this is by frequently examining your skin so as to get used to the normal appearance of your moles.

Different Types of Moles

There are 3 basic types or classifications of moles: regular moles, irregular moles and cancerous moles. Regular moles are the benign moles that are not harmful to your overall health.

Cosmetic Mole Removal: Remove Your Mole Without Scars

When it comes to moles, warts, skin tags and other skin blemishes, even the most modest of people could easily become vain and self conscious. For many people, having to live with a ghastly mole in a visible place such as on their upper lip, face, arms or trunk since childhood is a traumatizing enough experience. You may even have had to deal with a group of moles on a single area, which is likely to have a negative impact on your self confidence even when you reach adulthood.

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