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The 5 Benefits of Castor Oil You May Not Know

Castor oil has a number of benefits. While many use it for skin care, here is a look at 5 other benefits of castor oil that you may not know.

Eight Tips for Autumn Skin Care

Summer has officially ended and while you’re quite pleased that you can take a breather from the scorching heat of the sun, the same can’t exactly be said when it comes to your skin. For starters, the change of season from summer heat to windy autumn can give it quite a shock and sometimes, can even worsen what damage has already happened to your skin.

Common Mistakes of Winter Skin Care

Winter season is a magical time but for what whimsy mood it can put us in, too bad the same thing doesn’t apply to our skin. And since we do have the tendency to be busy at this time of the year because of the holidays, we forget to give the proper care it needs. Hence, the cold elements tear up our skin’s top layer and it ends up all chapped, dry or worse, cracked.

The Importance Of Nutrition As Part Of Mary Kay TimeWise Skincare Regimen

Many may not know about how nutrition is influential in the way our skin looks and feels. In this article you will read about how important it is to have proper nutrition when using Mary Kay TimeWise skincare regimen.

Summer Safety: Outdoor Activities and Skin Care for All Types

Each type of person is different, and may require different skin care during the summer season. Here are some ideas for enjoying those favorite outdoor activities, while also keeping your skin in shape for that brutal summer sun.

How To Stop Thigh Rub

Thigh rub is painful and annoying and afflicts nearly anyone who has thighs. There are some things you can do to minimise or eliminate it.

Does Your Face Have a Red Blush To It?

Rosacea is a visible redness or blush on the face, specifically on the cheeks. More severe cases of rosacea can look like red pimples, swollen bumps on the face or a very severe case of acne.

Using Haridra Herbal Skin Care Products

The skin is the most obvious part of the body. It is the best indicator of how we are taking care of our bodies or when we are not. As such it should be well cared for using herbal treatments. Haridra is a herbal skin care treatments that is made using some parts of the turmeric herb. They are very popular due to their moisturizing effect ion the skin. One will also want to use it because it is harmless when used on the skin.

Find Great Looks With Armpit Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing and hair removal creams offer good but temporary solutions for getting rid of unwanted hair. It is best to consult professionals with clinics dedicated to the cause of laser hair removal techniques for the act. Affordable, permanent in nature and devoid of any side effects, laser techniques are considered to be the best by modern day women.

A Deeper Insight Into the Process of Microdermabrasion

Regardless of whether you are looking for the right place to get Leucoderma treatment or researching for the “perfect” specialist to take care of the marks left behind by an accidental burn (or more); it is well advised to get in touch with clinics and centers dedicated to the cause of treating skin conditions -the easy and convenient way. Here, we take you through a quick tour of the process of micro abrasion and how experts in the field of dermatology are fully equipped to take care of the agonizing signs and symptoms…

A User’s Guide To Natural Organic Skin Care

To achieve seamless and healthy skin, one needs to be well-acquainted with the numerous skin care products that are made available for the same. Nonetheless, while opting for all-natural products, organic equivalent is essential.

What to Eat for Great Skin

We’ve all heard the saying that “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” right? Well, out with that because the new version states that “The way to beautiful skin is through your stomach.”

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