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Come on! No More Excuses!

Men don’t like to wear sunscreen and have lots of reasons why they don’t need to. However, the truth is that their skin is just as susceptible to skin damage from the UV rays of the sun as anyone’s. What’s the first thing you do when you go to the beach or the pool with your children?

Skin Care: Why You Should Go Natural

Why is going natural in skin care a modern trend and what are some ways that you can go natural? Your skin will feel great if you choose to go natural.

How Natural Cosmetics Restore Worn Out Skin

Do we really know what causes aging? Even if experts admit that they do not – are there sound reasons to believe that aging can be reversed? Learn how evidence in the natural world proves that our appearance can be renewed by natural means.

Compare Revitol Prices Before Making Any Sudden Decisions

Staying active with your career and with other important matters can take a toll on your body. Stressful activities may result in migraines, back pains, gaining excessive weight, and acquiring unsightly stretch marks.

Rejuvenate Your Skin After A Stressful Day

At times we all reach a point where we need some help with the skin and getting the glow back. Perhaps you have reached a point where you feel completely drained and need a skin boost. There are simple skin care tips that will help you manage tired skin to the rejuvenate your skin.

Ayurveda Dietary Tips for a Healthier Skin

Taking care of your skin is a great way to maintain your physical appearance. In addition, skin is the largest organ of your body. Thus proper maintenance is needed in order to make the skin function well. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize that skin health is important until some problems occur. Pimples, blemishes or spots are some problems that commonly occur on your face skin. These problems happen due to diet disorders or certain lifestyle. If you select a more skin friendly diet, then these problems may not occur. Ayurveda, the oldest healthcare system, can be your ideal choice in improving skin’s health. Ayurvedic science helps people prevent diseases through meditation, herbs, nutrition and daily routines. To help you take good care of your skin, Ayurveda has some dietary tips for you

7 Tips on How to Lighten Your Skin Tone

It is possible to lighten your skin tone. The amount of lightening you can achieve may be limited by genetics. But you can achieve a noticeable difference by following these seven suggestions.

Age Does Not Have to Be Skin Deep

A dermatologist can be your best friend. These trained professionals can treat and remove and alleviate all kinds of appearance disorders that plague the self-esteem, social lives, and dating prospects of millions of Americans every day. Medical dermatology will help you move beyond the misery of mysterious rashes, exzema, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles and those odd spots you can’t self-diagnose from anything you find on the web.

Psoriasis on the Lips: How To Turn Chapped Lips Into Kissable Lips

Kissing, smiling, chewing, pouting…pretty much any movements of the lips hurts when you have lip psoriasis. However, there are ways to combat it and turn the driest of chapped lips into the juiciest pair of smackers…

Making Homemade Sugar Scrub to Apply on the Feet

Homemade sugar scrubs seem like the best solution when people notice cracks on their feet due to dryness, which also causes their feet to become callous as well. In this case it is wise to remove the dead layer of skin so that new skin can take its place and a foot scrub is what is needed for this purpose. Even body scrubs and facial exfoliants can be used on the feet for the removal of the dead skin layer.

Healthy Habits For Beautiful Skin

Lifestyles do influence the way our skin looks. Although many might think their skin is rugged, the truth of the matter is it’s delicate and needs tender loving care from the inside out.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar on Psoriasis: Have You Tried It Yet?

Apple Cider Vinegar is not just great for salad dressings, its also great for psoriasis! Find out how this tangy tasting clear liquid can do wonders for skin conditions, especially psoriasis, here!

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