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8 Foods That Will Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Summers are knocking on the doors and the weather has been already making us sweat profusely. With the summer season, skin damage is one of the major issues of concern which we want to eliminate. However, it’s not easy to protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays because sooner or later you have to visit outdoors for various purposes.

Get To Know Your Skin Type

Skin can be classified into different types depending on it’s behaviour and characteristics. The most common types are normal, dry, oily and combination. Knowing what type of skin you have can be really helpful in helping you to decide which make up and cosmetic products to use.

Simple Ways to Know How to Prevent and Treat Melasma

Some of the tips how you can tackle with problem of Maelsema and get a clear and flawless skin in less time. Get rid from brown patchy skin.

Use Coffee Grounds to Achieve a Healthy Complexion

While brewing a pot of coffee, your filter is made up of coffee grounds that usually gets a place in the trash. You would be surprised to know how these coffee grounds can be used beneficially to get a healthy skin. The coffee scrub is known to improve the skin texture and blood circulation.

The Way to Happy Healthy Skin During the Monsoons

The monsoons are a wonderful time of the year, especially because they come right after the dry and hot summers. The rains not only take away the heat from the earth, but also from our bodies and who has not loved walking in the rains, getting drenched. However, this is also a time, when your skin and hair needs a little extra care, because the humidity in the air can ruin them both.

How to Make Neem Oil

For centuries, people in India used neem oil to treat and prevent various skin diseases. The oil is extracted from the fruits or leaves of the widely grown neem plants in that country. The name oil is now available throughout the world, but you can still make it manually from the fruits or leaves.

6 Top Tips For Keeping Skin Fresh During Summer

Summer is almost here and it is a time to expose your beautiful skin to the sun rays which means that your skin becomes highly vulnerable to damage. By adopting these beneficial tips during summers you will be able to keep your skin fresh, glowing, protected and beautiful even during hot summers.

Step 1, 2 and 3 Tanning Lotions Explained

Learn about tanning skin care and how certain tanning lotions work together to create a deep, even tan that lasts and lasts! Don’t let tanning products confuse you any longer!

Top 6 Homemade Hacks To Fight Summer Tan

Tanning is one of the most major problems which people have to face in summers, especially women. It damages the beauty and glow of your skin; also it’s quite tough to get rid of the skin tan problem. However, with the help of the right skin treatment, you can fight tanning and achieve your natural bright skin colour again.

(Hypodermic Fat) Cellulite

What is Cellulite? Cellulite is a hypodermic fat, which causes the dimpling of an individual’s skin particularly of women’s thighs and hips. It really sounds like a medical condition but the truth is that, it is only the normal fat found beneath the people’s skin.

How To Determine What The Best Pre Shave Oil Is For You

Some believe that using a pre shave oil can assist in reducing skin irritation when shaving. This oil allows your favorite razor to glide across the skin instead of getting pulled which makes all the difference. However, not all pre shave oils are equal since different manufacturers use different ingredients for this facial lubrication which may not help the cause.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can easily be defined as visible lines that are present on the surface of your skin. These marks are commonly found on your abdominal wall, but they can also occur over the upper arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks. Sometimes these marks can also cover a few large areas of your body.

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