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Common Skin Tag Causes and Treatments

Skin tags though common in many people, can still be a cause of some embarrassment and even mild skin irritation. Skin tags typically appear on the body as a small growth connected by a small stalk of connective tissue.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks – Find the Top Products to Compare.

If you are thinking of beauty then skin is one of the most crucial and sensitive of your body which needs to be protected fully. Generally there are many cases which make our skin be irritated with a number of diseases that will definitely result to damaging our skin. It is very essential to understand that skin is the only uncovered part on our bodies unless we would opt to put on sweaters and pants the whole day either during sunny or ho weather just trying to cover up allergies and scars on our skin.

Vitamins And Minerals For Psoriasis – PT2

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, people have taken this for years with quite a bit of success to help with cholesterol problems and overall heart health. Well guess what, it is also proving very effective at relieving the symptoms of psoriasis. No one is quite sure how it works, there is some speculation that it may work its way into cell membranes making them more pliable and adaptable, increasing durability. From personal experience, I can tell you, it seems to increase skin hydration, decreasing those dry patches after only a few weeks use.

The Good and the Bad About Dermal Fillers

When we go through the process of aging, it is only natural that we lose the firmness and plumpness that we once have during our youth. Our skin deteriorates and this can be much aggravated due to the environmental factors, stresses, and the kind of diet that we have. To remedy this kind of problem, skin care experts introduced dermal fillers in order to give back that youthful and healthy appearance.

Truths of Cold Sores on Lips

Everyone has experienced the pain that is associated with a cold sore or been embarrassed by the unsightly appearance of a cold sore on their lip at one point in time of their life or another. What actually causes cold sores and how can you prevent them from coming back again?

Four Sure Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Reducing cellulite is a tough task since one method can work on someone and doesn’t work on another. Here’s 4 alternatives you can use when the other methods failed.

Discover the Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

From health and beauty magazines, TV shows and even in casual conversations, there’d always be times when women air out their concerns about intra and post partum stretch marks. Having stretch marks during pregnancy is inevitable, there are those lucky cases when a woman doesn’t get a single stretch mark but most often than not, a pregnant woman gets stretch marks somewhere in the second and third trimester and after child birth.

Water Bloated

People who are water bloated need to try and do all they can to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. Those who suffer from this condition, also known as edema, have to struggle with it throughout their lives, sometimes on a daily basis. Retaining excess water can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating, not to mention disfiguring and thus embarrassing. So it is important for those suffering from this condition to successfully treat it.

How to Stop Fluid Retention

Finding out how to stop fluid retention is of paramount importance for many people. Many sufferers of edema or fluid retention are hobbled on a daily basis by their condition. A hand, arm or stomach that is swollen with retained fluids or water can be painful; it can be hard to wear rings, bracelets, shoes or even clothing if one is suffering from fluid retention. More seriously, many people suffer from fluid retention as a side effect, or as a consequence of another, more serious condition such as kidney problems. For these reasons both “big” and “small”, successfully treating fluid retention is key for its sufferers.

Reasons for Fluid Retention

What are some reasons for fluid retention? Why and how do those suffering from this condition develop it in the first place? Before we go into the reasons why people develop this condition – also known as edema – it is important to realize that this condition can occur as a consequence of a wide range of other conditions, some of which are more serious than others. This means that to be sure that one’s case of edema does not have a more serious underlying cause and is not simply the result of a dietary condition or other such cause, it is best to see a specialist and get oneself diagnosed.

Cold Sores Vs Herpes: Are They the Same?

Are cold sores herpes? Technically, yes, but there are two scientifically distinct strains of the herpes virus: HSV1 and HSV2. The term “herpes,” when used in everyday conversation usually refers to the sexually transmitted disease that affects the genitals, or the herpes that occurs “below the belt.”

The Reason Why Your Skin Loses Moisture

Skin moisture loss can occur as a result of many things. You will see each of the things that can cause the skin’s cells and tissues to become dry listed below.

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