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Caring For Men’s Skin

Men usually allocate less time to tend to their skin as opposed to women. It is not unusual for men to damage their skin inadvertently while engaging in hazardous occupations and outdoor activities. Taking care of men’s skin involves more than just mere grooming.

Oily Skin Care 101: What You Should Know

Are you frustrated with excess oil and clogged pores? Is the constant cleansing wearing you out? Perhaps you have tried several oily skincare products and found them ineffective in eliminating dirt and grease.

Discover The Best Natural Cream Treatments for Dry Skin

I don’t know a thing about you, but I’ll bet that if there’s anything annoying about winter months, it’s dry and itchy skin. It comes with the territory: the dry, less humid atmosphere, combined with the urge to bathe in hot water and turn up the heater sucks away the skin’s natural moisture, leaving you with dull, flaky skin.

Best Tested Anti Aging Skin Creams – Try Them – You Will Not Be Sorry

If you go looking for the best tested anti aging skin creams, you are likely to see some that come with really high price tags. A cream that was rated number one in testing conducted by a major magazine sells for $150 per 1.7 ounces. Maybe some people can afford that price, but most of us cannot. The question is this. Does anyone really need to pay that much to have softer, smoother, younger looking skin?

Honey For Aging Skin – It Is Natures Recipe For Youthful Looking Skin

What are the benefits of honey for aging skin? There are actually a number of benefits, depending on the type of honey you are talking about. Not all varieties are the same. Different varieties are produced by honeybees depending on the plant they prefer to gather from or the kinds of plants where the beekeepers are located.

Care Of Aging Skin – Do Not Despair – Help Is Near

The steps required for the care of aging skin are to cleanse gently, moisturize regularly, limit your sun exposure and meet your skin’s nutritional needs. Here are the details about those steps.

Is Your Body Cream and Lotion Really Suited For You?

You might disagree, but hear me out when I say that the body lotion and creams you’re using are probably far from being the true match for your skin. For one, the effectiveness of skin care products is largely dependent on the type of skin you have. Certainly you have heard of the basic types: normal, dry, oily and sensitive. However combination skin types also exist, as well as skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, for which specific skin products are designed.

4 Common Myths About All-Natural Skin Care Products

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times that anything that is natural is safe. Or that all-natural ingredients don’t work. With the proliferation of natural skincare products online and in-store, it is high time that these popular myths be discussed once and for all. Here we will try to separate what’s true from what’s not when it comes to natural and organic products.

Understanding Skin Conditions

We live in a world today with information at our fingertips, one search away. This article was inspired to bring skin issues together in one place for easy reading and basic understanding and is a culmination of previous articles written on different skin types and conditions to inform our readers about their skin. Each human body is different in so many ways but there are similarities that bring us together as a human family. Those similarities are the symptoms that we see in skin disorders around the world. Each skin disorder has specific traits that make it unique, along with varied treatments to cure the malady.

5 Tips To Preventing And Treating Hand Rips

Sharing with you what I’ve learned the past 17 years as a gymnastics coach about proper hand care. What I have to share is very simple and to the point. Relevant for Crossfit athletes and gymnasts.

Aging And Skin Greasiness – They Can Be Fixed

Aging and skin greasiness are not necessarily related, but you could have both problems. Everyone will have issues with their skin as they age. Some people will have dryness issues too, while others will have excessive oiliness. Here, you can learn about solutions for all of those problems.

Age Spot Reducer – Or Let The Buyer Beware

The average age spot reducer in the US contains hydroquinone, although the use of the ingredient has been banned in some other countries, such as those in the European Union. Before you buy a cream containing hydroquinone, you should take the time to learn a little about the ingredient. Hydroquinone is a compound made up of benzene and other organic chemicals. Benzene exposure is known to increase a person’s risk of cancer and other illnesses.

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