2022 TOP TRENDING SKINCARE SEARCHES | Dermatologist reacts

Simple Tips to Improve Your Skin Complexion

The human skin naturally loses its firmness and youthful look as the years roll by. However, there are certain steps we can take to delay the aging process for as long as possible. For the purpose of this article, we shall be exploring some of these methods recommended by dermatologists to help maintain a healthy and youthful skin complexion. All of the tips outlined below are non-invasive procedures.

Comparison: At Home Hair Removal (DIY) Versus Permanent Hair Removal (Electrolysis)

The cost of permanent hair removal can cause sufferers to consider do-it-yourself (DIY) methods. This article compares the costs and benefits of professional electrolysis for permanent hair removal with doing it yourself at home.

Chemical Face Peels – What to Expect?

A medical skin peel is the application of a chemical solution to the face to remove dead skin. Often, excessive build up of dead skin can cause skin problems such as clogged pores and a dull complexion. A skin peel removes the upper layers of skin and reveals the new, smooth skin underneath.

4 Ways of Treating Hypertrophic Scars Revealed

Scarring is normal. In fact, it is the body’s way of healing a once open injury. With the help of collagen, blood tissues are reconnected to form a protective covering on the injury – the scar.

4 Effective Cellulite Reduction Methods

Cellulite is commonly seen in women. The saddest part of it all is that it does not pick any age, race and weight. That means, no female is resistant to this problem.

9 Easy Skin Care Tips

Young and old, man or woman, having healthy skin is truly pleasing to our senses. More than the simple raves of having great skin it can also represent a sign of your overall health. Changes in your skin can mean something has changed and you should pay attention to these signs.

How to Have Skin Without a Wrinkle With Botox?

Is it just aging? Too much sun? Too much stress? In general, how skin ages and wrinkles is a complex process. It isn’t just about cellular changes, collagen depletion, hormone loss, damage caused by free radicals, and so on; it’s a combination of many factors.

Protecting Your Skin in the Era of No Ozone

The following article discusses the impact the an increasingly polluted world has on our skin. From depleting ozone layers to more toxins in the air, it is important to understand how to find products that can effectively protect your skin from these environmental hazards. This article breaks down what some of those products are.

Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Eye Rings Under Your Eye

Are your unattractive raccoon eyes scaring you sometimes when you look into the mirror? It is easy to get dark eye rings as the skin under your eye contains capillaries that are very close to the skin surface. They are thin and very sensitive, thus one can easily get eye circles if they did not carefully protect themselves from dark eye rings as they age.

Home Remedies to Fight Acne

None of us wants to face stepping out of our house when all you can focus on is your acne. There are steps one can and should take in order to help this common problem. First off you need to realize that letting acne become a worry will not help the situation.

Why Women Want Microdermabrasion

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that physical appearance is important in our society. In fact, the pressure that individuals, specifically women, face on daily basis is almost irrational. If you look at magazines in the supermarket, you will be bombarded with the various ideals of beauty. From celebrities, hair, fashion, body image, and makeup, women are under the microscope in Hollywood and in reality. This has caused a surge in medical measures to combat age, with procedures like microdermabrasion.

It’s All About Texture

Have you noticed that organic products feel different to their synthetic counterparts? Sometimes they take a little longer to sink in or initially feel richer due to the oil component. For some users it’s all about texture, for others, the texture takes a back seat to the skin benefits of the ingredients in the skin care formulation.

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